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We have a few suggestions of things to do in the area that can enhance your experience in Dar es Salaam.

  • As a guest at the Friendly Gecko, you have the special opportunity to visit the help2kids aid projects with our volunteers who work Monday through Friday. After approval by our on-site manager you have the chance to shadow volunteers and see the work they do at the children's home, nursery, or primary schools.
  • We partner with a great safari company called African Greenland who gives our guests good offers for beautiful safaris in a variety of the National Parks and at varying dates. Please contact to find out more about pricing and trips.
Photos of Mbudya Island
  • Visit some of the markets such as Mwenge, Slipway, or Kariakoo. Mwenge is both a local second-hand market and craft market, Slipway is in a nicer part of town with crafts and hand-made goods and restaurants, and Kariakoo is the biggest and more chaotic local market near downtown.
  • There is a bus stop close-by that you can take an hour bus ride for very cheap to Bagamoyo, a historical beach town with some interesting monuments and nice beaches. Great for a day trip.
  • Go diving directly at the beach close to our guest house (5/10 Minutes) with our PADI diving friends at Sea Breeze Marine Ltd.
  • The Gecko is very close to the beach and we suggest going to White Sands Resort where you can use their lounge charis, pool, or take a small boat to Mbudya Island where you can swim in the pristine waters and eat fresh lobster and chips on the shore!
Photos of Safari taken from trips with African Greenland
  • You can also head to Bongoyo Island and Kipepeo Beach. Both can be reached within one hour. These offer beautiful beaches and perfect spots to snorkel and dive.
  • The ferry to Zanzibar is located in the city center of Dar es Salaam.
  • There is a bus station, Ubungo, which is a hub for buses to take you from Dar to all different parts of the gorgeous country (Mount Kilimanjaro, Serengeti National Park, Ngorogoro Crater, etc.).
Photos of Slipway and Bongoyo Island
Diving in Dar es Salaam
A guest of the Friendly Gecko sent us this nice video about his diving experience in Dar es Salaam with the diving school, Sea Breeze Marine Ltd. Looks like a great time!