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The Friendly Gecko Guest House offers socially responsible accommodation.

After establishing the help2kids (NGO) Children’s Home in Tanzania, the board members decided to take on a second project: establishing a small privately funded guesthouse to promote socially responsible tourism in Tanzania. We feel that tourism can have a social contribution within the surrounding communities which can build a path to a better future. We strive to provide convenient and safe accommodation for a reasonable price. We hope to foster a fun and relaxed atmosphere where like-minded people can meet and experience the community and all the beautiful sights our area has to offer.  

Friendly Gecko & help2kids
We support help2kids by donating profits from our volunteers and guests staying with us at the Friendly Gecko and by sharing costs to make the necessary infrastructure to run the charity more cost efficient. help2kids is a non-governmental organization whose head office is in Zug, Switzerland, and offers poverty stricken children an opportunity for enhanced education and nutrition.  The hope is to give young children a positive lasting perspective that will help them achieve a better life. Please see the website at www.help2kids.org to learn more about the aid projects in Tanzania and Malawi.

Erik Lang (France, Norway) is the Friendly Gecko Manager and help2kids Volunteer Program Manager, he has in the past used his experience to help Sunseed, a Spanish NGO, welcome volunteers and communicate methods of sustainable living. He previously worked in international corporate & consumer communications in Dubai and in London. These experiences have given him insight into managing communication campaigns across regions. Before starting his professional career, Erik studied the relationships between Non-Verbal Communication and deception. Erik obtained his M.Sc. in Social and Public Communication with Distinction at the London School of Economics. On a personal note, Erik is also an avid traveler and has been to over 70 countries. 

Mama Martha is the Assistant Manager and Chef at the Friendly Gecko.  With previous hospitality experience throughout Tanzania, she is now part of our team since 2014.  She cooks delicious Western-Tanzanian fusion meals for our volunteers and guests are welcome to join for 7,000 TSH. Martha is always welcoming and willing to assist our guests with questions regarding local transportation and activities in Dar es Salaam.

Elia has been working at the Friendly Gecko Tanzania since January 2015 and is the gardener, handyman and bicycle mechanic for the Friendly Gecko. Elia is extremely friendly and energetic, and is a wonderful addition to Team Tanzania.

Mama Agness is our Breakfast Cook and Assistant House Keeper.  She has been working at the Friendly Gecko for over two years.  Agness has one child and is often a visitor to the help2kids Children's Home. 

Mama Amina is our Gatekeeper at the Friendly Gecko.  She has been working at the Friendly Gecko for over three years.  Amina has five children and loves the Gecko dogs. 

The team of the Friendly Gecko

Stay at the Friendly Gecko and support the NGO help2kids!

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