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Our goal: Socially responsible tourism in Malawi.

The Friendly Gecko Guest House in Malawi is our second Guest House in East Africa. After having built up the Friendly Gecko Guest House in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, we felt ready for the next step. We chose to focus our efforts where we thought it was most needed; although Malawi is a beautiful and very peaceful country, its poverty level is extremely high (it is ranked 171st on the Human Development Index).  We feel the people can really benefit from community building projects. We aim to improve living conditions and make a difference in the lives of the children and community where our Guest House is located. We are convinced that: Tourism can contribute to social contributions and be the path to a better future.

Tourism Concept
We strive to provide an enriching adventure and safe accommodation for a reasonable price. We aim to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere where like-minded people can meet and experience the community. Travellers and volunteers are welcome, long and short-term. An international management team shall ensure that a good standard of accommodation is permanently provided.  

Friendly Gecko & helpk2ids: "stay a night, support the community" 
The NGO help2kids shall be enabled to run several community projects in the neighborhood of the guest house in Leopard Bay, Malawi. For this reason the guesthouse shall donate profits to the NGO and by sharing costs the infrastructure to run the charity shall be reduced.


Our team in Malawi

Kate Mensinger (United States) is the Field Manager for help2kids and the Manager of the Friendly Gecko Guesthouse in Malawi.  She has a Master’s degree in International Development and Humanitarian Assistance from New York University, and a Bachelors of Social Work.  She has spent time volunteering and conducting field research in Uganda with street children.  She is very excited to be back on the African continent and to experience life in the Warm Heart of Africa! 

Patson is the Assistant Manager of the guest house. He also started working for us in July 2012. Patson is a bricklayer and builder by trade and helps us out with this kind of work at the guest house and at our help2kids projects.

Annete is our wonderful cook and cleaner. She started working for us in November 2012. She is very enthusiastic about her job and cooks a mixture of delicious local and Western dishes. We are happy to have her with us here!


Lekelenin Phiri (Malawi) is our Cleaner and Assistant Cook.  She has been working at the Friendly Gecko for over one year.  Leke has one child and is a beautiful singer.


Issac Gomani (Malawi) is one of our new guards, but he is no stranger to the Friendly Gecko since he is Annete’s (our Cook) husband.  In the past, Isaac has run businesses in fisheries and agriculture.




Amidu Sigere James (Malawi) recently became one of our new guards at the Frienly Gecko.  Amidu is extremely friendly and energetic, and is a wonderful addition to Team Malawi.



Trish Brown (USA) is the Volunteer Coordinator for help2kids in Malawi.  Trish has a background in Sociology and Peace and Social Justice, and has spent the past ten years in youth development.  She has taught in the Republic of Georgia and American Samoa.  Trish looks forward to candle-lit dinners and long walks on the beach.


Stay at the Friendly Gecko and support the NGO organization help2kids.


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